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There hasnt been much requirement to update our print manager, since Microsoft released their print management snap-in for mmc in Vista. Microsoft's Print Management gave you all the features that our Print Manager had, plus more. Recently, however, i have wished for a few extra features. So i've revisted print manager, given it a better GUI, and the ability to add these new features.

New features i'm currently looking to add our (in no particular order):- print a test page to file (via a printer or driver selection), select a file to print to a printer (via the print queue or directly to its ip address), snmp status/information and restart the print spooler option. I'm considering a paid version available in the not too distant future, with all these features available. A free version will still remain, but will have some of these new features disabled.
Have updated set of icons. Now have a useful icon displayed in taskbar.
Now showing the default printer, using default printer icon.
Driver properties - issue on windows 7 and now opening on correct driver tab.

Print spooler restart now enabled
SNMP Query now enabled (shows model of printer and device/printer status)
Print to IP/Printer dialogs now visible (so can see what function will be like) but currently disabled.

Now bringing back total count and languages supported by the printer.



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