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Having been involved with printer software for a number of years, I have always found it frustrating when changing ports, drivers and/or printers. The windows printer wizards always seem very slow and adds extra steps when you just want to do a simple operation. I initially created Printer Manager to reduce printer wizard usage to a minimum.

Microsoft's print management snap-in for mmc, released with Vista*, did solve the majority of those issues. So there hasn't been much development of Printer Manager since. However there are a few additions that i have recently thought would be useful, so Printer Manager has had an update to get ready for these new features. These new additions may see Printer Manager become a paid for app. A free version will still remain, but will have some of these new features disabled.

This utility is free, there is no charge to use this software at home or at work (eula info).
You can find latest news and faqs, over in our printer manager section in our forum

(*) - Only some versions of Vista gave you the print management plugin, and it is still restricted on later versions (not available on Windows7/8 non pro editions).



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