New Feature Requests

New features
Use this topic to suggest new features that you would like to see added to Printer Manager. Any ideas welcome.

The latest version ( of Printer Manager has a few disabled items. I thought it might be an idea to list these, so people know current features being implemented.

1) Two print options
a) Print File - a selected raw print job file can be selected and printed via the selected printer
b) Print File to IP - a selected raw print job file is sent directly to the printers IP address (if detected), bypassing the print queue.

2) Restart print spooler

3) SNMP Query - Should be able to display some useful printer info via an SNMP query (model/status)

4) Print Test page from a driver - Would like to save a test page from a selected driver. Thoughts are to add a "PrinterManager" printer that would print to file.

That's my initial feature set to add in. Ideas i have to follow (in no particular order) are:-

- Expand file types to print (XPS files should be simple).
- Features that Microsoft's print management has that we are missing (show current number of jobs in each printers queue, query other servers, load/save config)

Will expand this as i remember ideas. Of course this is the place to post your ideas as well. Your ideas are most welcome.



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