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What is Printer Manager
I have been involved with printer software for a number of years, but had always found it frustrating when changing ports, drivers and/or printers. The windows printer wizards always seem very slow and adds extra steps when you just want to do a simple operation. My solution is a windows printer management utility, that can show you installed printers, drivers and ports. The printer manager allows you to add/edit and delete any of these with the minimum of printer wizard usage.

What's the cost
Printer manager is currently free. In the future we are hoping to add several new features, which will be disabled in this free version, and a paid version will be available. License agreement can be found here.

I like the tool but it doesn't have option X
We are always looking to add new features into Printer Manager. Post your suggestion in the Printer Manager suggestion request forum.

If you find a bug, please email us or post a message in the print manager section of this forum.



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